January 30, 2022

That YouTube Premiere was great. thanks to all who attended and jacked the chat! the live facebook video chat was just as awkward as i expected, but we soldiered on through that shizz.

January 23, 2022

The Golden Bouzouki will Premiere on YouTube on January 30th at 7:30 pm PST,

unfortunately thats 5:30 am in Greece. After the premiere, the movie will remain on YouTube for free for the foreseeable future, so if you cant make the premiere, or dont want to be a slave to a time schedule, you can watch it any time at your leisure. there is a facebook viewing party i have organized (loose use of that term) which will start at 7:00 pm PST (5:00 am Greek time) which will give us time to settle in and chat a bit if anyone wants to before the movie starts.

I would like to make a special welcome to our new friends in Greece! Hello and thank you for your interest in the movie! Its nice to reach folk who already know what a Bouzouki is, and are familiar with the region the film is set in. It is actually quite an honour to have you here, and i hope you enjoy he film if you decide to watch it.

I am excited to share our work with the greater world at large, and grateful to have so much support in this endeavor. This has been a labor of love, and hopefully that is evident in the final artwork. I am open to any and all help regarding the sharing of links, spreading the word about the film, or any other help anyone wants to provide. our resources are very limited, and the online world isnt structured to assist us much organically.

July 15, 2021

Tickets are on sale now for the Sacramento and San Francisco Screenings of the Golden Bouzouki! I am very excited to show this piece of artwork to people.

July 4, 2021

We have recently scheduled three screenings for the completed Golden Bouzouki. Tickets should go on sale soon. We shall show at:

The Crest Theatre in Sacramento on August 28

The Balboa Theatre in San Francisco on September 1

The Rio Theatre in Santa Cruz on September 2

We are quickly trying to wrap up loose ends regarding merchandise items to sell at these screenings as well. think crap!

Toaday i created and this Bumper for our studio.

I used some animation tests Daven and I were doing a few years ago. We were making a video for Hod and the Helpers’ song “Vinegarized Eagle”. The video never happened, but i still have the tests! the proof is on YouTube! The music is an ancient artifact from 1998. it was written for the movie “Slumber with the Snake”, i think. I think it was used in that movie but i really dont remember. anyway its still as fresh today as ever.

Day 1 – made website

I created this website to have a public place to direct anyone interested in our projects. I quickly learned i need many more and better pictures! more to come later on that front.

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