The Golden Bouzouki

Screening Dates:

August 28 – Crest Theatre , Sacramento –

September 1 – Balboa Theatre , San Francisco-

September 2 – Rio Theatre , Santa Cruz

Trailer #2

Our History

The Golden Bouzouki is a feature-length motion picture starring Johnny Diamonds. In ancient Mythological Greece Johnny Orpheus returns home to the peaceful village of Salamis to find that it has come upon troubled times. Assembling a crew of heroes like no other, boasting such famous names as Heracles, Theseus, Machiste, Hercules, Son of Samson, Ulysses, and Diogenes, Johnny sets sail on a musical voyage of adventure to obtain the Golden Bouzouki, a legendary musical instrument of divine origin which is said to bring peace to the hearts of men. Royal conspiracies, Mer-folk, Lakonian soldiers, a reptile of striking proportion, a tribe of Amazons, the dreaded two-headed albatross king, and even the mighty Togolos cannot keep Johnny from his ultimate goal, but will he return home in time to save his beloved city from impending attack?

“Think of it, Herakles and Hercules together! The tale will be told for all time”


“Ugh, sounds awful”


“Yes, awfully good!”


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